Fayette Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Rumpke Multi-Material Recycling Bins


  • Fayette County Transfer, 1600 Robinson Rd SE WCH
    Pick-up days: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
  • Bloomingburg Town Hall, rear of 62 Main Street
    Pick-up day: Wednesday
  • Detty's Market, 10 W. High St. Jeffersonville
    Pick-up day: Wednesday
  • Deercreek State Park, 20635 Waterloo Rd. Mt. Sterling (Shared with Pickaway County)
    Pick-up: On-call
  • New Holland Fire station, 17 N. Church St. (Shared with Pickaway County)
    Pick-up day: Wednesday
  • Milledgeville, 850 Main Street (Community Center)
    Pick-up day: Wednesday

Items Accepted

  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Paper
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Cardboard / Paperboard
  • Steel Cans
  • Plastic Bottles & Jugs*
  • *Plastic bottles & jugs with a base wider than it’s small mouth.

*The Ohio EPA has a guidance document for Disposal of Household Generated Sharps (July 2018) (view pdf).




Please be a considerate recycler. Leave only those items that are recyclable. Place all items in the bin. Flatten cardboard.

Commercial Recyclers

We try to keep this information updated. However, it is always a good idea to first call the establishment in which you would like to take your recyclables, as their policy often changes.

Aluminum and Other Metals

Bennett Bros. Salvage Co.
66 Biddle Blvd.
Bloomingburg, Ohio  43106

1206 S Fayette St.
Washington CH, OH 43160

Common Materials We Accept

Ferrous metals: steel, iron. Non-ferrous metals: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, lead. Household Appliances: refrigerators*, freezers*, air conditioners*, dishwashers, clothes washers & dryers, stoves, etc. Electronics: computer towers, computer components, circuit boards, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, A/C adapters, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors and TVs.† Batteries.† Automobiles. Catalytic converters. 

For a full list of materials we accept, please call us at (740) 636-8442. 

Car Batteries:
Bennett Bros. Salvage Co.
Advance Auto Parts, 90 Washington Square, WCH. 740-335-8907
O'Reilly Auto Parts, 330 W Court St, WCH, 740-636-0446 (Up to 5 batteries per day) 
Purdin’s, 4501 St. Rt. 50, Hillsboro  937-364-3200

Used Motor Oil:
Fayette County Transfer, 1600 Robinson Road, WCH, 740-335-1508
Advance Auto Parts, 90 Washington Square, WCH, 740-335-8907
O'Reilly Auto Parts, 330 W Court St, WCH, 740-636-0446 (Up to 5 gallons per day)

Paints & Hazardous chemicals:
New for 2017! Please click here for options on Household Hazardous Waste

Light bulbs:
Home Depot in Washington CH will accept compact fluorescent bulbs at no charge.

Paint Creek Services

Recondition, Rebuild or Analyze your Cordless Power Tool or specialty batteries "better than new".


AEP Ohio’s Appliance Recycling Program 

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Get $50 for Your Old, Working Refrigerator or Freezer


Dayton Power & Light - Saving energy is easy with DP&L's free appliance pickup and recycling program.

Area Landfills and Transfer Stations

Ross County

  • Waste Management Mound Transfer, Seney Road , Chillicothe 740-773-5711; 800-343-6047 (Corporate Office)
  • Rumpke/Chillicothe Transfer, 990 Eastern Avenue, Chillicothe, 740-773-1440 ext. 7114

Pickaway County

  • Rumpke Transfer, 2195 Hassle Drive, Circleville 1-800-828-8171, Ext. 7311

Fayette County

  • Fayette County Transfer, 1600 Robinson Rd., Washington C.H., 740-335-1508**


  • Athens/Hocking Reclamation Center, Logan, 740-385-6019*

Brown County

  • Rumpke SW Ohio Reg. Refuse Facility, 9427 Beyers Rd., Georgetown, 937-378-4126

Fairfield County

  • Republic Waste—Pine Grove, 5131 Drinkle Rd., Amanda, 740-969-4487*

Jackson County

  • Rumpke Beech Hollow LF, 28 A.W. Long Rd., Wellston, 740-384-4400

Pike County

  • Pike Sanitary Landfill, State Route 220 East, Waverly, 740-773-1440, ext. 7185


* Accepts Asbestos

** Accepts Construction & Demolition Material

*** Accepts both Asbestos & C&D Material

Garbage Collection and Roll-Off Container Service

Garbage Collection

  • Rumpke Waste, Inc., 1-877-786-7538
  • Waste Management, Inc., 1-800-343-6047
  • Community Sanitation, 1-877-432-9666
  • Cartwright Salvage, 740-335-6344
  • Graham Hauling, 740-333-7485
  • M&M Recovery Services, 740-437-7279
  • Munro Trash Service, 740-606-2666
  • Pro Waste Services, 740-606-1238

Roll-Off Container Service

  • BSS Waste & Portable Restrooms, 1-800-859-6304; Cell 740-603-0828; Office 740-756-9100 (Ross, Pickaway and Fayette Counties)
  • Community Sanitation of Ohio, 937-780-6250
  • Central Ohio Contractors, 614-539-2570; 1-800-483-2233.
  • Mound Waste & Recycling, LLC, 740-772-5252
  • RUMPKE Recycling/Disposal, 740-773-1440; 1-866-757-7329
  • Republic Waste Services, 1-800-601-1867, (Ross, Pickaway & Fayette Counties)
  • Rumpke Waste, Inc., 1-888-786-7531,
  • Traces Sanitation, LLC, 1-866-305-3069 (Pickaway County)
  • Waste Management, Inc., 1-800-343-6047,

Tire Disposal

TIRES are accepted on an on-going basis at the following locations. Call for prices and hours of operation.

  • Rumpke/Chillicothe Recycling, 740-773-1440, Ext. 7113 or 7114
  • Fayette Co. Transfer, 740-335-1508
  • Pike Sanitation, 740-947-5756
  • Sundown Tire, 740-708-4053
  • Liberty Tire, Grove City, 888-780-8473
  • Chuck Wait Tire, Hillsboro, 937-393-2166, and Mowrystown, 937-442-2004
  • Tire Discounters, Hillsboro, 937-840-9400
  • Liberty Tire Services, Southwest Greenfield, 937-981-7904
  • Buck's Tire Service, Greenfield, 937-981-7712
  • Rumpke SW Ohio Refuse Facility, Georgetown, Brown County, 937-378-4126