For Schools & Youth

The District's educators have worksheets, education materials and teacher guides available for classrooms in Ross, Pickaway, Highland and Fayette counties.

Click here to contact the District Educators to schedule a meeting or classroom visit.

Earth Day Inspiration & Ideas

We like to treat every day as Earth Day but here are some tips for celebrating Earth Day in April.

Grant Opportunities

The District and other organizations offer grants to cities, villages and schools to encourage recycling and sustainability.

Billboard Contest

We hold a creative drawing billboard contest for all 5th graders in the four county district. The winning billboards (1 per county) are displayed the month of April in observance of Earth Day. Contact us for more information!

Presentations & Classroom Visits

Our educators can visit your classroom, youth group, club, camp or scout group to speak about waste reduction and proper recycling. We also provide adult education programs. To schedule, contact us today.  

Classroom Tools

We can provide worksheets and recycling information to educators at any time. 

Recycling at School

Are you interested in creating a recycling program at school? Contact us to discuss your goals and ideas with a district educator.

District Newsletters

We provide quarterly district newsletters to highlight activities in our four counties.